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4D Developer Logo Icicle Software, founded in 1983, provides database consulting services and database design. While no longer providing new products, Icicle Software supports licensed owners of its products.

Our products are based upon 4D, Inc.'s 4th Dimension, an exceptionally powerful cross-platform development tool. For more information on database consulting services, please contact Icicle Software.

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Legal References

Birding & Travel Journals Icicle Software's Websites Legal References
St. Paul 2014
Costa Rica 2013
Texas and High Island 2012
Southern Ecuador 2011 Volunteer's Legal Handbook, 9th Edition On-Line Version, updated 30 Dec 13 District of Alaska Bankruptcy Court
Antarctica 2010 Wilderness Birding Adventures Alaska Court System
Panama 2010 Lawyer Joke Collection State of Alaska
Northern Ecuador 2009 World Plus Chapter 7 Unofficial Web Site Fairbanks North Star Borough
Chevak and the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge 2008 Parliamentary Procedure Handbook City of Fairbanks
Northeastern Florida 2008 Alaska Courtview
Gambell & Nome 2007
California & Arizona 2007
Belize 2006
Trinidad 2005
Oaxaca Birding 2004
Galapagos 2002
Exploring Alaska
Amphitheater Mtns, 1998
Seakayaking, Prince Wm. Sound 1999

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