Sea Kayaking, West Prince William Sound, August 1999
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Nancy, Jeff and Jim explored a little bit of the western side of Prince William Sound with Bob Dittrich and Wilderness Birding Adventures. We departed from Girdwood, south of Anchorage, on the Alaska Railroad shuttle to Whittier.

We had six kayaks loaded on two trucks for the train ride. Here we are waiting in line to board the train.

From Whittier, where, as usual, it was raining, we loaded onto a charter boat to head down the west side of the Sound to our launch point. Here Captain Bob struggles to load six kayaks onto his boat.

We had three singles (one configured for rowing) and three doubles, so everyone got a shot at each over the seven day trip.

We off-loaded from the charter boat at Dual Head, southwest of Chenega Island at the point between Icy Bay and Whale Bay. Nancy is at the far right.

This was our second campsite, on a narrow isthmus between Nassau Fiord and Icy Bay, about three miles from Chenega Glacier and across Icy Bay from our first campsite.

This view is west towards Chenega Glacier.

We had a visitor at the isthmus campsite. After entertaining us, and providing a little excitement, he wandered over to the beach and then swam across the lagoon to the mainland.

The white globs in the foreground are small icebergs from Chenega Glacier.

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