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Costa Rica January 12 - 27, 2013

Nancy and I birded Costa Rica in 1998 with Collette Tours. The group was too big and the skill level of the participants too uneven. We made some life-long friends on the trip, but we also met some folks we'd just as soon not bird with again. We saw 222 species of birds. And I didn't take any pictures. At least not that I can find.

Fifteen years later, we were back, this time with Tropical Birding. Our guide is Nick Athanas. Our driver is Memo, short for Guillermo.

Our birding group is the usual suspects: Dave Haenni and his wife, Therese; Ron and Mary Teel and Jeff Blunt, with a bonus this year of Jeff's wife, Janet, and his son, Daniel.

We landed in late evening January 12. 2-13 after a U.S. Airways flight from Phoenix direct to San Jose. We took the airport shuttle from the airport to the Holiday Inn Express, actually located along the runway. And so began 14 days of birding across much of Costa Rica. We saw 406 species. 75 of them were lifers, a remarkable total for folks who had already birded Belize and Panama.

You can navigate this site by the navigation bar on the left side, or from the map page by clicking the approximate locations of the various lodges we visited. The Photos link takes you to off of this site to Frozen Feather Images' Zenfolio page where approximately 120 photos are posted and available for purchase.

A complete bird list - as opposed to the daily bird lists on each day page – is here. And because one reason for these trip reports is to share the knowledge and experience, we've provided a Resources page.

Thanks for stopping by to look.

- Jim & Nancy

Green Violetear in Bromelliad
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