Sea Kayaking, West Prince William Sound, August 1999
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Our last day was idyllic. The weather was perfect, and t-shirts were in order.

Here Nancy watches a black bear on the shore, paddling a single.

Jeff and Bob explore around Crafton Island, our take-out point. The view is south down Knight Island Passage, from Crafton Island, a/k/a Miami Beach.

Camping on Crafton Island. The beach grass and out tent are draped with gear that's drying out in the sun. Nancy catches some rays in her swimsuit.

The winds were calm. The temperature was about 70 degrees.

That's me, trying just one more time to catch a fish. There were certainly fish there; it was equally clear they weren't interested in anything I had in my flybox.

The view is east from Crafton Island across Knight Island Passage to Knight Island.

The next morning we took the charter boat back to Whittier and headed home.

Okay, so it's not a great map.

The red line, generally running from the bottom to the top of the map, tracks our trip.

Of course, this is just a tiny part of Prince William Sound; unfortunately, like all too much of the Sound, it was impacted by crude oil in the Exxon Valdez disaster in 1989. Ten years later, you could still find oil on the rocks if you looked.

But it's recovering. We saw sea otters, harbor seals, and 33 bird species.

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