Sea Kayaking, West Prince William Sound, August 1999
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They are a little hard to see, but there's a flock of black-legged kittiwakes flying over the water. There was a rookery west (to the left) of the flock. We paddled over in the evening, and watched thousands of birds cascade down the cliffs in a waterfall of seabirds, leveling off just above the water in perfect silence, and then raucously calling and swirling back up to their nests.

We also paddled across Nassau Fiord to within a mile or so from the face of Chenega Glacier. The ice was very challenging to work through in a seakayak and a little unnerving. But there were harbor seals who would pop up from time to time to keep an eye on things.

At two points we were pushing through ice, clearing a path through packed icebergs.

A small part of the face of Chenega Glacier. For scale, that's a pod of harbor seals laying on the ice at the base of the Glacier.

There was a lot of ice calving off the face of the glacier, generating two foot high waves where we were, a mile or more away. How the seals knew the ice wasn't going to fall on them where they were is just another mystery.

Our guide, Bob Dittrich, and the northerly side of Chenega Glacier. We estimated the tidewater face of the glacier to be 3 to 3.5 miles across.

For Prince William Sound in August, we had excellent weather. Here Jeff and Nancy paddle along the the west shore of Icy Bay, headed to Jackpot Bay, in shirtsleeves.

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