Sea Kayaking, West Prince William Sound, August 1999
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Nancy waits for Bob to prepare lunch. The food was very good.

Jackpot Bay and Jackpot Mountain, looking southeast. Beginning about here, the country rock changed from the usual Chugach Terrane to an extensive granite intrusion.

Granite Bay, our next to last campsite. The harder granite rocks made very steep slopes and odd pools and lagoons.

Our first choice for campsite was taken, so after a long day paddling up Dangerous Passage, we spent a little more time paddling up to the head of Granite Bay. The scenery was good, but the weather didn't cooperate.

That's our tent in the center. It's pitched on a large granite boulder, just above the high tide line. The view out the front door was nice, but the padding was, well, rocky.

The ridge behind the campsite drops down into Eshamy Bay, the next bay north.

Near Point Nowell, we found a flock of surfbirds, a lifer for Nancy and Jim. If you look very carefully, most of the round knobs on the rock turn out to be birds. Their camouflage was very good.

We counted more than 30 birds. They were pretty calm about a small flotilla of kayaks.

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