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February 3 - Guayaquil
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We arrived in Guayaquil in time to give ourselves a full day of hanging out, recovering from sleepless travel, time zone changes and a bit of downtime before the start of the serious birding. We stayed at the Hotel Continental, across the street from Iguana Park, and a few blocks from Malecon 2000, the river park along the Guyas River.

Guayaquil has its dangers. Our hotel had two armed guards at the entrances, 24/7. Iguana Park, across the street, had burly, flak-jacketed guards. In our walk along Malecon 2000, we were never out of site of one or more policemen, and they were all men.

Still, the park, which is officially a moument to Simon de Bolivar, was pretty cool, with dozens of iguanas and a decent selection of birds. Malecon 2000, the river concourse, was very nice, a well-designed mix of urban park, recreation, fast food spots and gardens. We walked downstream, which may have been an error, but still had an excellent time.

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Don't Feed the Animals

Grove-billed Anis

Green Iguana

Shiny Cowbird


Groove-billed Ani

Pacific Hornero

Yellow-crowned Night Heron Chick

Land Iguana Portrait

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