Ecuador 2011
February 15 - Copalinga Lodge, Old Loja-Zamora Road, Cuenca
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After a second night at the excellent Copalinga Lodge, we spent the morning on the first part of the Old Loja-Zamora Road, trying for some species we'd missed the day before. Once again, it was terrific, but after a couple of hours we loaded up for the long bus ride to Cuenca.

There were some washouts and detours that delayed the trip, but the detours were through some beautiful farming country in the central valley of the Andes. Recent rains had brought all of the streams up to bank full and, incidentally, dumped an extensive mudslide across the road.

We arrived at Cuenca too late to do much besides have supper, a brief dip in the thermal pools and crash. But the Hosteria Duran looked very nice, if by far the largest hotel we stayed in, laid out in an early colonial style.

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Inca Jay

Paradise Tanager

Blue-black Grassquit

Buff-bellied Mountain Tanager

Tropical Parula

Peruvian Meadowlark

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