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February 9 - Utuana and Catamayo Reserves
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We had a last morning in Utuana, and then headed to Vilcabamba by way of Catamayo Reserve. The Catamayo Valley is an agricultural region that was an excellent mid-day birding stop while we were moving from Macara toward Tapichalaca. There were some very nice roadside areas where we stopped and birded the scrub habitat for open country birds.

Again we drove through a lot of twisty roads, with more frequent slides. Some were being repaired. Some not. The birds make it all worthwhile.

We spent the evening at Hotel Izhcayluma in Vilacabamba. A beautiful physical facility wrecked by surly staff, pet dogs running loose in the dining room and an incredibly rude manager. This is what I reported to Tropical Birding, are tour coordinator:

If you have an alternate lodging in the vicinity of Vilcabamba, I urge you to use a different facility than Hotel Izhcayluma. The physical plant is perfectly fine, but the service, and in particular the hostess, Cecilia, were rude and surly. We cannot recommend Izhcayluma unless you are deperate or enjoy dogfights in the dining room.

As I told Tropical Birding, it didn't wreck the trip or anything. It was just a very unpleasant note ending a lovely day.

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Rainbow Starfrontlet with Tongue

Rainbow Starfrontlet

Repairing Landslides

Chilling on the Bus

Cloud Forest

Speckled Hummingbird

Drab Seedeater

Black-capped Tyrannulet

Purple-throated Sunangel

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