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We birded Buenaventura until mid-morning, and then hit the road to the southern edge of Ecuador at Macara, along the Rio Macara. The roads climbed a couple of ridges, but essentially we descended most of the time, finally into the steep-walled Rio Macara valley.

Recent rains - it's the rainy season in this part of the world - have brought the rivers up and made them fairly muddy. It's the red mud of agricultural run-off, too. And while we tried quite hard, we were unable to find Torrent Ducks.

We couldn't schedule into Jorupe Lodge in the Jocotoco Foundation's Jorupe Lodge this first night, so we stayed in downtown Macara at the Hotel Macara. It's an intersting place; among other things, it is the home of Mona Reefer, a fairly well-known work. It also has a ton of stairways and no elevator.

We dined at a passingly strange restaurant above a very raucous bar.

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Tropical Mockingbird

Tropical Gnatcatcher

On the Bus

Striated Heron

Western Peruvian Screech Owl

Baird's Flycatcher

Peru Border at Macara

Hotel Macara Art: Mona Reefer

Camouflaged Moth

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