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February 11 - Tapichalaca Reserve and Tapicahlaca Lodge
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Bird List
Tapichalaca Reserve was established primarily to protect the type locality and only known range of the newly discovered (1997) Jocotoco Antpitta (Grallaria ridgelyi). The reserve, which protects an unusually wet area of temperate-zone forest on the east slope of the Andes, is located along the trail to Quebrada Honda below Cerro Tapichalaca. In addition to the Antpitta, the reserve is also home to other vulnerable restricted range birds such as the Bearded Guan, Golden-plumed Parakeet, Rufous-capped Thornbill , and Masked Saltator. The reserve is also home to the Spectacled Bear and Woolly Mountain Tapir.

The Lodge itself is a marvel: made of native woods, eco-friendly and very comfortable, it was a delight. After breakfast, we walked the trail to the Jocotoco Antpitta area, about a mile along a very good trail. We were ahead of the bird's trainer, but still, the bird, one of the world's very rarest, came running down the trail to us. Everyone has a list of very favorite memories. Mine includes Panchito, a food-conditioned Jocotoco Antpitta, springing down the trail to meet us. You'll forgive, I hope, several views of this amazing creature and his Tawny Antpitta pal.

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Jocotoco Antpitta

Jocotoco Portrait

Chestnut-naped Antpitta

A Thousand Shades of Green

Swallow-Tail Kite
(Ron Teel Photo)

Hunting Tapaculos

Following the Green Dot

Chestnut-breasted Coronet

White-necked Jacobin
(Ron Teel Photo)

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